Audits & Inspections

Independent audits and inspections are a used to check SHE management systems, work operations and procedures are working effectively.
Safety For Employers can conduct a range of audit and inspections to assess your management systems, workplaces and work activities meet the requirements of relevant regulations and deliver positive healthy and safe behaviours and outcomes.

Anyone affected by your work activities or visiting your workplace could also be at risk. Our audit/inspection address this matter and assess what arrangements and measures are in place to prevent harm happening.
Some types of inspection must be carried out by competent and registered people, such as, lifting equipment and lifting accessories. Safety For Employers cannot do these tasks but we will audit the arrangements and records covering these requirements if they are relevant to your organisation.

Safety For Employers have a wealth of experience in carrying out Workplace Inspections and can assist employers across a wide range of sectors and activities in order to ensure a safe workplace is provided, highlighting any issues that may be apparent and providing suitable solutions where necessary.