Competent Support

Safety For Employers provide a range of advisory services that adopt a pragmatic and common-sense approach to the practical application of health and safety in the workplace.

Our competent support aims to help you strengthen a positive health and safety culture within your business or organisation.
We want help you to be able to engage everyone at work in a way that they are thinking and putting forward ideas about better ways to work safely.

Working safely will keep themself, colleagues and others away from danger and out of harm’s way. If this already the case, we can assess your policies, systems and records are both suitable and sufficient to manage your risk and prove you do as much as you reasonably can to comply with relevant health and safety law.

Safety For Employers believe that developing any good health and safety practices starts with a conversation. Safety For Employers are not enforcers, we are enablers who want to establish trust and assurances that we will give an independent and honest appraisal of how your business is meeting the requirements of the law. We will use our findings to help you prioritise any areas where action and improvements need to be made.

Safety For Employers encourage using documentation that is necessary to make your day-to-day operations run smoothly and maintain compliance with health and safety law. Health and safety in the workplace can sometimes be dynamically changing situation. Successful businesses and organisations have the can-do approach to adapt to change and unforeseen circumstances, for example, COVID-19. SFE understand that managing health and safety requires both knowledge, experience and common-sense. We can offer reassurance that your choice of control measures are both realistic and proportionate to the level of risk.

We offer a monthly retainer option to spread costs and secure commitment from both sides. What you get in this competent support package includes;

Telephone support to answer questions and provide guidance;
Relevant H&S legislation and guidance updates for your sector;
Certificate of Appointment in PDF which you can use to demonstrate your commitment to H&S during tender process and for workplace display to reassure your workforce of the support available.
Reduced fees for ongoing support work

Service levels suitable for you

As well as Competent Support package SFE can provide levels of service to fit your budget and requirements. These levels of service can be tailored to your business and would be priced accordingly. For more information, please contact the team.