It is an employer’s duty to ensure the health, safety and welfare of their employees and other people who might be affected by their business and must do whatever is reasonably practicable to achieve this. Part of their duty is to protect workers and others from any hazards that may present a risk to their safety or health whilst in the workplace.

Not only is Health & Safety compliance a legal necessity, it can promote team morale, productivity and company reputation. Should nonconformance be identified it could help the business avoid fines, damage to standing and legal costs of defence.

Compliance can be achieved by the Plan-Do-Check-Act method;

• Appointing a Competent Person
• Creating and implementing a company Health & Safety Policy
• Assessing, identifying and controlling risks
• Providing the right tools for the job – information, equipment, machinery and plant
• Offer training and information
• Provide facilities for welfare requirements
• Consulting and communicating with your team
• Implement emergency plans and ensure suitable first aid provisions
• Monitor and review the control measures implemented and identify further improvements

Safety For Employers can support you with the introduction of new systems or the review of existing documentation. Our team can support your business in establishing policies and arrangements, whilst providing access to appropriate advice, monitoring, accident support.