Risk Assessment

Every employer is required by law (the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999) to make a suitable and sufficient assessment of risks to the health and safety of people whilst they are at work.

What you need to do;

  • Identify what could cause injury or ill-health in your business – these are the hazards
  • Decide how likely it is that someone could be harmed and how seriously – this is the risk
  • Take action to eliminate the hazard, or where this is not possible, control the risk
  • Communicate your findings

Whatever your business, control measures should be proportionate to the risk – small, low-risk business activities will require much less effort than a high-risk workplace. If you employ fewer than 5 people or are self-employed, you are not legally required to write anything down as part of your risk assessment. It is recommended to have something as it will help you to decide whether you have done everything you need to.

Safety For Employers create and review risk assessments for tasks, workplaces and individuals. Appointing a contractor? We can review the contractors’s risk assessments for you too! Peace of mind and guidance where needed.

Covid-19 Risk Assessment

As mentioned above, Employers have a legal duty to protect people from harm whilst at work, and this includes protecting your workers, visitors and others from Coronavirus (Covid-19).
As with general/task/workplace risk assessments, self-employed or businesses with fewer than 5 people are not required to have their assessment written down.

Covid Risk Assessment - What you need to do;

• Identify how Covid-19 could be transmitted within your workplace. EXAMPLE: touchpoints throughout the premises, areas where conversations happen and airborne particles may be released. 
• Decide how likely it is that this could arise and how serious the risk is. EXAMPLE: How many people are in the building at any one time.
• Take action to eliminate the hazard or reduce the risk - EXAMPLE: Home-working, reduced staff numbers, staggered shifts, segregation, social distancing, covid-cleaning, enforced PPE.

Regular review of your covid risk assessment is important. All risk assessments should be subject to review, and with the updated government guidance, be sure to review your covid measures and your risk assessment. DON'T FORGET to communicate it to your employees. Businesses with over 50 employees are required by the government guidelines to publish their risk assessment on their website.