Safe Systems

Method Statements

Following the successful identification of hazards via risk assessment processes. It is essential to apply the general principles of prevention to those tasks where risks cannot be avoided. Risk assessment recommendations will select measures to control residual risk to a reasonable and acceptable level. Controls should suitable and straightforward to implement. They should give detail about of routine methods of working and other associated routines for cleaning, maintenance, adjustments. None-routine events must be considered, such as, breakdowns or failures of controls. Control measures and procedures for some work activities will need to cover access and egress to the task, emergency arrangements, isolation and testing information, competent and authorised personnel specific PPE requirements.

Safety For Employers can advise and recommend suitable method statements. Alternatively, we can review existing Method Statements as a fresh-pair-of-eyes and independent perspective to check foreseeable events or scenarios have been considered.

Safe Systems of Work

A safe system of work (SSOW) may be a more detailed and a specific set of procedures and instructions used carry out a task safely. Safe systems of work are developed by way of considering various factors the people, working areas, substances to be used and equipment involved in undertaking a task. Again, the SSOW is informed by identification of hazards and assessing the foreseeable risks. They will operate when risk cannot be avoided. SSOW may be considered a more a formal framework for workers to follow.

Safe systems of work are typically laid out in a written document, for example, written operating procedures. They can be subject to higher level of supervision and formal checks and recording systems; prescribed verbal instructions and confirmation responses to actions done. Pre-work briefings can cover a list of do or don’ts, outline accepted practices and emergency procedures. Other factors may be include current and forecast weather conditions or instructions to stop if a work situation becomes dangerous.

Safety For Employers can review and advise on the standard of your written systems of work or help devise and draft new SSOW when considered necessary.

Permit to Work Systems

Safety For Employers will advise and make recommendations on Permits to Work systems where formal documented and timed handover of workplace is an essential part of a wider safe system of work.