SHE Management Systems

Understanding how to comply with the range of Health, Safety and Environmental obligations can be a minefield.
Safety For Employers can guide an organisation through those daunting aspects on to a route to compliance and beyond. We advise it is important to have a system for managing your Health, Safety and Environmental obligations and managing risk in your workplace. Safety For Employers can help your organisation to develop or improve systems that will give you a consistent way to identify hazards, assess their risk and choose suitable control measures. We encourage your management systems to be used to communicate safety messages and other SHE information between managers, supervisors and your whole workforce.

Safety For Employers believe good management systems help reduce health and safety risks, hence, reduce harm or ill health and dangerous occurrences. Safety, Health and Environmental (SHE) management systems promote a positive health and safety culture will protect people property and the environment. They can go beyond legal compliance and bring other benefits, such as, improve your business reputation and performance.

Safety For Employers are not all about creating paperwork and files that gather dust on a shelf for ages. Our team will examine the dynamics of your daily activities. Find out about the needs and goals of your organisation and determine what SHE legislation is relevant to your operational activities. Using recognised SHE management systems will help an employer manage workplace risk. We will look at the systems you already have in place and assess if you need to upgrade or add new safety processes or procedures. We use the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) Managing for health and safety (HSG65) as a reference source and comparison against your systems.

Any micro-business that grows to five or more employees, must have a written policy. For those businesses with fewer workers you are not legally required to write anything down, but it is considered good practice. Safety For Employers advise any new business to address health and safety at the starting stage and include for it in your business plan. If your plan is aiming for growth then get good health and safety foundation in place. Besides potential clients will ask and expect relevant SHE information to be available before they engage your services.

Safety For Employers can help small businesses to put together these necessary policies, arrangements and procedures in place. They will become the basis or a management system in the future.